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Established in 1996, Mustafa Traders is a top producer and trader of non-food consumer goods in Pakistan with a network of more than 1000+ shops. The family-owned business, which has its headquarters in Karachi, employs more than 100+ people and has a brand portfolio that includes more than a dozen names in the culinary, home, luxury, and hospitality sectors. They provide services to over a thousand retail, institutional, and hospitality clients, including well-known chain stores and major multinational retailers.

How we work

For more than 500 clients in Pakistan, including international chain accounts, modern trade, distributors, and retail outlets, we offer comprehensive solutions for an unforgettable experience, from product selection to shelf life. We are committed to generating value via the use of technology, and we do so with unwavering standards and an artisan’s vision to offer comprehensive solutions for all domestic and commercial demands.

Our Mission

To promote international trade and act as a connector for customers worldwide, offering guidance in a variety of forms and providing solutions. We want to provide a platform where suppliers and customers may interact and conduct profitable commerce.

Our Strategy

To grow our business, we aim to: Expand our portfolio of high-quality brands, adding new and innovative products that align with our company values and target market.Increase the reach and visibility of our existing brands by expanding their geographic footprint, and targeting new regions and markets for growth. Diversify our distribution channels by exploring new opportunities in e-commerce, digital marketplaces, and other online platforms to reach a wider audience and increase sales. Additionally, exploring other distribution channels such as reaching out to new retail partners, distributors, and wholesalers.

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