Breaking the stereotype of glass airtight container [KOMAX GLASS LOOK]

Using carefully selected world’s best raw materials
KOMAX uses the best high purity taw materials, that allow the usage of microwave ovens with its outstanding transparency, makes it possible to use refrigerator and dishwasher reliably.

The beauty of tableware:Flower Wing
By applying the flower wing method in which high-level of technology is demanded as a glass product onto sealed galss,the Stylish Tableware that set petal as its motive was made.

Hidden secret of the curved body line
The rounding design of corner akes it possble to quickly wash and dry adding more convenience to the user, adn the coolong edge efficiently purifies chilly air sustaining the freshness for long time.

Antibacterial silicone of new technology structure
With the 99.9% usage of antibacterial silicone, it restrains germ breeding, that makes it more hygiene container.

Luxurious colors and designs
The colors and designs that are completely distinguished from conventional products make the best stylish tableware.

Perfect stacking structure
The semi-dome form on the lid does not slip due to its perfect stacking structure even when many are piled up, that makes it possible to use reliably.